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Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

Locally grown on Burks Branch Farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky  

We are committed to giving back to our community!    


J.Bros. Tomatoes.  "J.Bros." rhymes with "Tomatoes" so we hope it is memorable.  We are the Jelsma  brothers and we live in Louisville, Ky and just finished our freshman year of college. We graduated from DuPont Manual High School in May of 2017. If you love tomatoes send us an email and we will hook you up with some of our very special heirlooms.  All of our tomatoes are locally grown by us in Shelby County.  They are 100% organic and absolutely delicious.  We let them ripen on the vine, unless you want us to pick a few early so you can let them finish ripening on your windowsill.  

We don't irrigate, so the flavor reflects the weather we have been having (more rain=more juice, less rain=more intense flavor).  Almost all of our varieties are heirlooms, the best flavors, shapes and sizes you can imagine.  Because they are heirlooms and grown without pesticides or herbicides or chemical fertilizers, you will see some irregularities in shapes and the occasional blemish.  Nature doesn't produce perfectly round, blemish free fruit. Experienced gardeners and farmers know that does NOT detract from the flavor.  If a stretch mark, green shoulder or small spot worry you, just peel the skin or cut off the spot!  The flavor and texture of our tomatoes vs. your standard super market blemish-free styrafoam ball is beyond comparison.  

Our Story.  For about 7 years we have raised tomato plants for a church fundraiser, growing them indoors in our basement under lights and selling them to raise money for an orphanage sponsored by our church.  Last summer (2015), we tried to grow edamame (which we love to eat) on our family farm in Shelby County.  That was a total fail (deer and Japanese beetles love edamame).  

That summer we had about 20 tomato plants leftover from the church fundraiser which we planted in the edamame field (instead of putting them on the compost pile).  The deer never touched the tomato plants. So, this year we decided to switch our focus to tomatoes. 

We ordered over 60 varieties of heirloom tomato seeds and grew them indoors.  We sold 100 plants to customers (our first sales!) and donated another 200 plants to our church to benefit outreach ministries).  Then we planted 530 plants on our farm. That is hard work. 

We have spent countless hours tilling, mulching, staking, tying, and WEEDING.  So far so good!  We picked our first tomato (Stupiche matures in just 53 days, most of our beefsteaks take 80-90 days to mature) on June 24, then the Blondkopfchen, Sungolds and other cherries started ripening.  We picked a beautiful Cherokee Purple on July 9 and expect to see the rest of the big tomatoes ripening by mid to late July. August and September will be huge! 




If you want to order tomatoes, let us know by filling out the form below. In the "Order" box below tell us exactly what you want. Pricing and selections in "Heirloom Tomatoes" tab. We will get back to you ASAP:

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heirloom tomatoes

We have over 60 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.  All colors:  red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, green, striped, multi-colored.  All shapes and sizes:  cherries, salad size, beefsteak slicers, county fair monsters, ribbed, round, oval, oxheart...  See below for more info.

As of mid-July we are harvesting every other day (our tomatoes are ripening quickly in the hot temperatures we have been experiencing), so we always have fresh tomatoes on hand.

Our tomatoes are priced at $3.50 per lb and a pint of mixed cherry tomatoes also costs $3.50. You will be able to pick up your tomato orders on Sunday from 1:00-4:00pm at our house. If you are unable to pick up your tomatoes on Sunday, reasonable requests for alternative pick up times may be available. Also, we offer delivery if your order is $30 or more (feel free to coordinate with your neighbors). 

First Harvest

Heirloom Sampler

Our choice of best available tomatoes from our 750 plants and 60+ varieties.  We promise to make it interesting by selecting from our largest tomatoes, with at least 1 red, 1 green or purple, 1 orange/yellow, one pint of mixed cherries and a bonus tomato. This will EXCEED 4 lbs of tomatoes, and these will be our best available.  $15.00.  

Can't handle 4lbs of tomatoes? Then order up the "mini-sampler" of 3 heirloom tomatoes of different colors (these are a little smaller than those in the Heirloom Sampler) and a pint of mixed color cherries. $10.00  

Custom Order

Tell us what you want and we'll put it together for you, subject to availability.  We can pick green tomatoes if you want fried green tomatoes.  We can pick nearly ripe ones, if you want tomatoes that will be at their peak Sunday at noon, but you want to buy on Thursday. We can handle it.  Let us know size and color, or leave it up to us.  $3.50 per lb

A pint of mixed color cherry tomatoes $3.50

A quart of mixed cherry tomatoes $7.00

The Heirloom Sampler

The Heirloom Sampler

Big Orders

If you are having a party (we have heard that heirloom tomato tasting parties are all the rage these days..) or if you are a restaurant or caterer planning for a big event, give us a week's notice and we'll give you a discount.

We have over 60 varieties of tomatoes and over 1000 plants.  All of our plants were started from seed in our basement. Then after sprouting, they were grown under fluorescent lights and potted up three times to larger containers (which builds root strength and increases vigor). After hardening off in our cold frame, we transplanted them in May and June into the fertile soil of our farm in Shelby County, Ky.  Almost all of these plants are heirloom varieties, but we do grow a few hybrids which are outstanding producers of incredibly flavorful tomatoes (like Brandy Boy which is a cross between Brandywine and Big Boy, and Sungold which is the tastiest cherry anywhere!).  

Check out these fantastic varieties:

Big Red Tomatoes:  Brandy Boy, Bush Big Boy, Big Brandy, Early Pick, Bush Early Girl, Heritage, Brandywine OTV, Brandywine Sudduth Strain, 1884, Mule Team, Genuwine Hybrid, Thessaloniki, Bull's Heart, Costoluto Genovese, Todd County Amish, Granny Cantrell

Pink Tomatoes:  Mortgage Lifter, German Johnson, Mexico, Clear Pink, Wolford's Wonder

Yellow and Orange Tomatoes:  Yellow Brandywine, Orange Slice, Sunny Boy, Big Rainbow, Dr. Wyche's Yellow, Virginia Sweets, Pineapple, Kentucky Beefsteak, Gold Medal

Paste Tomatoes: Granadero

Green Tomatoes (these are green when ripe):  Green Giant, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Cherokee Green, Green Berkeley Tie- Dye, Green Zebra

Purple/Black Tomatoes:  Chocolate Stripes, Black Sea Man, Cherokee Chocolate, Cherokee Carbon, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim

Cherry Tomatoes:  Black Cherry, Blondkopfchen, Sunchocola, Sweet Million, Sun Gold, Cherry Bomb, Sweet Pea Currant, Dr, Carolyn, Amish Gold, Yellow Pear, Green Grape, Indigo Rose, Ildi, Indigo Kumquat, Tomatoberry, Purple Bumble Bee

Our Pledge to the Community

Thank you for your support of J.Bros.  We are focused on providing you with the highest quality locally grown organic tomatoes and other produce.  Your support also allows us to help others.  We  believe all members of our community should have access to the benefits of locally grown organic produce.  We are proud to support organizations dedicated to helping those in need and those living in areas where fresh organic produce is hard to find.  We provide tomato plants for our church with 100% of proceeds from the sale of these plants going to outreach ministries.  We also provide fresh organic tomatoes to food pantries across the Louisville metro community (the very same tomatoes that we sell to our customers).  Our pledge to our customers and to our community is to donate 25% of our production to charities that share our goal of helping the needy and providing fresh produce to those living in urban "food deserts".